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January 2015. Temperature…-16C.  Conditions….windy, snow and blowing snow. Location…..Luhanska Oblast. Two members of Armiya SOS Canada ( Sviatoslav Foyak and Dr. Richard Hareychuk) visit three subdivisions of men dedicated to defending the territorial integrity of Ukraine. They are dedicated and united in their fight against the Moscow-backed terrorists.

Despite the conditions that they find themselves in, despite the isolation, despite the danger, they are proud to serve their country. They are always happy to see volunteers. They are especially happy to see us, from Canada. They receive the supplies that we have brought them, with gratitude. They don’t ask us to come to fight. They don’t ask us to risk our lives. They simply ask us not to forget them, and to support Armiya SOS. It really is a matter of life and death.

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